Asia Gold Company is the importer & distributor of every kind of Lubricants Greases, Automotive, and Industrial oils. We are porviding high quality products and the most reliable service to our customers. The most important aspect of our business is to keep our customers aware of the changing trends and latest merges in the field of Lubricants Greases and Automotive oils.

Asia Gold Company is totally committed to excellence in serving you, takes the advantage of widened spectrum of strong core lubrication technology and introduced an extensive range of products under the brand name of CAMEL that fully meet the highest standards at the most competitive prices to suit all consumer needs.

Our highly trained skillful work force is dedicated to ensure you provlem solving capability reliability and best services.

In terms of quality our porduct will never disappoint you. Advanced equipments, continous reserch and develipment program, top manufacturing and quality control system ensuer impeccable quality.

CAMEL Presents a comprehensive range of products including Automotive, Industrial and Marine Lubricants. All Camel Products are developed and produced using high quality base oils and additives imported from Europe, USA and the Gulf. Camel products are miscible and compatible with other major products in the market to ensure ease in application.

I am Mr. Maung Maung Tin, KING TONY Sole Agent in Myanmar. It' s glad have this chance greeting with everyone at KING TONY.

As an agent, I wish to relay my message that KING TONY is the most reliable and valuable media Instrument which makes various machines and mechanical parts run smoothly and well functioning indifferent business sectors. It is of course more preferable for use especially in Myanmar which is greatly in need of our tools in building a modern developed Nation.

Our KING TONY Tools excess others in quality, utility and durability so much so that good reputation of the product has been widespread in Myanmar and in the international arena Likewise, our KING TONY, I believe shall remain in the forefront in holding confidence of our customers.

In upholding our success one must maintain good quality of the product. Demanding reasonable price, giving good service and regular delivery are vital factors for the Company and which also are supporting activities in controlling norms and specifications of the product.

Up to this date, and as of this hour, KING TONY Brand Tools are embraced with these coveted qualities and I have every hope and confidence that our Tools will also stand high at the top in its quality and utility in future.

In conclusion, I would like to open out my feeling and opinion that, with all the qualities and the best service we pay to our customers, I hope and believe that KING TONY will be constantly standing at forefront in this field and receiving confidence of our customers in Myanmar and other nations also.

Mr. Maung Maung Tin

In all the years that I have been a tool retailer and a proud tool shop owner it gives me great pleasure to be able to sell a great product such as KING TONY. Not only is KING TONY a first class finished product but also one the most reliable and durable tools on the market. Our staff can sell KING TONY with confidence also Knowing that the product carries a life time warrant, with an excellent back up service. The warranty also give the end user peace of mind when purchasing KING TONY products.

Through out the years I have noticed that KING TONY constancy keeps increasing their extensive tool range with all the right tools and equipment, which is required by profesional technicians and end users.

In short KING TONY is a reliable good quality hand tool range that is well received in the South African tool market.

Jorge Gouuveia

I would like to start by congratulating the KING TONY Company and the KING TONY Staff for doing such a wonderful job throughout the years.

KING TONY has become an Icon in the markets that I deal with, mainly Lebanon, Ghana, Liberia and Angola.

I started working with KING TONY in 1994 when the Catalogue was only about 20 pages and look at the long way that we have come together.KING TONY is a brand that gives us pride. Good quality combined with nice display.It has simply been a pleasure working with KING TONY for so many years and I hope we will continue to do so for many years to come.I wish you all the best... well done....

Mr. Jean Pierre

In Ireland we currentyly have many brands trying to copy and counterfeit KING TONY products. As the English writer Charles Caleb Colton once quoted "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". Although this is very harmful and something that we must deal with, it also just proves the success of KING TONY brand and to make it what it is today.

Finally, I would just like to congratulate KING TONY for achieving the the 2010 Taiwan Superior Brand Award. In my opinion KING TONY deserve it and should have received it before now, well done!